What is lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a full contact team sport played between two teams of ten players. Offensively, the objective of the game is to keep possession of the ball by either carrying it or passing it around and then attempting to shoot it into the opposing team’s goal. And defensively, the aim is to prevent the opposition from scoring and trying to dispossess them of the ball through the use of stick and body checking.

Lacrosse equipment consists of a solid rubber ball that’s roughly the size of a tennis ball, a lacrosse stick with a net strung to the head which allows players to catch and carry the ball, and a wide array of protective gear.

There are four distinct versions of the sport: men’s lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, box lacrosse and intercrosse (or sofcrosse).

Lacrosse is the oldest team sport in northern america.
A short excurse to the history of lacrosse you can find here in this nice 60 second short clip from the lacrosse network (TLN).