Men field lacrosse

Men Field Lacrosse is a fast, full contact sport where the aim is to score as many goals for your own team as possible. The ball which is about as big as a tennis ball but made out of rubber gets carried, passed and thrown with the lacrosse sticks. For each team, there are ten players playing on the field and a line of up to 13 players standing on the side as substitutes. They are either playing as defenders, attackers, midfielders, or goalies.


Each player needs to have a Lacrosse stick, a helmet, and gloves. Additionally, the players also wear usually elbow pads, a protective cup, and shoulder pads.

The game

The game itself is 4 times 20 minutes and if there is a tie the game will continue after a short break in overtime.


The “Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL)” rules for men field lacrosse can be looked up in the link below.

FIL rules for men field lacrosse