About us

Estonian Lacrosse began from something small that grew into something larger than ourselves. In the spring of 2013 Karl Toomet, Martin Kuustik and Helina Rokk met to discuss options for Estonian Lacrosse and how to make a dream into something more real. We started with a strategic plan to nourish the sport in Estonia. We set our aims to organize the structure and then develop the sport.

Since then Lacrosse Estonia has joined the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) in October 2013. Thanks to the generous support from FIL, Lacrosse Estonia received their first full set of men’s lacrosse gear to begin recruiting and growing. We gained support from far and near, so thanks to our beginning also goes to Finland lacrosse. They helped us get our first extra sets of gear that helped show new recruits what lacrosse can really be for Estonian athletes.
Since then Lacrosse Estonia has grown into a small program located in the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn.
We welcome all athletes to join us and we train all of our players locally, while gaining knowledge and expertise from our neighboring nations. In 2017 we have 17 players that participate in the summer and winter season.
In April of 2017, Estonian Lacrosse joined the European Lacrosse Federation to further the development of Lacrosse in Europe. We are still growing our family and building our story with one player at a time.